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Energie Consulting GmbH is a European wide active independent consultancy company which serves industrial customers and public institutions in energy related questions. We support you in the economic design of your energy supply and develop concepts to reduce your energy cost through the use of modern energy management systems.

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  • Company - About us


    As a consulting company we support on an international level more than 1000 companies, groups and institutions in the economic and technical configuration of their energy supplies. The focus of this process lies on the optimization of energy cost.

    By using our long-time experience, creative concepts and a sound knowledge of the European energy markets, we ensure an optimised energy cost management for our clients. For our customers in Germany and Europe we manage the procurement of approximately 20,000 GWh of electricity and 18,000 GWh of natural gas per year.

    The liberalisation of the European energy markets offers new energy purchasing opportunities. However, to be able to use them, it is necessary to have - besides permanent market monitoring and negotiation skills – a good knowledge of the EU legislation at your disposal. Our consultants possess this permanently updated knowledge which they use to our clients' benefit.

    Having emerged from the energy department of the Badische Stahlwerke GmbH in 1986, ECG has since then continuously enlarged its service portfolio and is today active for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large sized industrial companies across Europe.

  • Build your career with energy

    As an energy consulting company, we develop in a broad variety of industrial branches solutions for the optimisation of energy costs.

    Spezialisten mit dem Blick fürs Ganze

    In accordance with our philosophy "Deal with Energy in an Intelligent Way", we support independently from energy suppliers and producers more than 1,000 customers, not only in the development of their strategic concepts but also in the implementation of cost efficient solutions.

    Our staff's expertise is therefore the pivotal element of our company. We consider ourselves "professionals with a holistic view" as we analyse problems under a wide range of aspects and are able to develop from disparate approaches the optimal solution.

    Engineering/Industrial engineering and Natural Science graduates play an important role for us.

    On one hand, we carry out various projects in technology-driven industries defined by complex and energy intensive production processes.

    On the other hand, those companies where energy as a production factor is not managed in a sustained way, benefit from engineering competencies as they can often put a lot of creative potential in the conception of a modern and sustainable energy architecture.

    Are you an Engineer, Natural Scientist and Pioneer? Do you have the ability to think outside of the box? At ECG, you are at the right place!

    go to: 3 main reasons to join us

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  • ECG International  

    ECG in Europa

    Thanks to our broad project experience throughout Europe, ECG has profound knowledge of the European energy markets.

    Depending on your needs and the project requirements we design one face to the customer solutions based on ECG's resources or team up with well experienced partners to meet the project requirements.

  • Three main reasons
    to join the ECG team

    1. A dynamic and exciting work environment
    Intelligent use of energy is THE issue for the future. At ECG you work in a field which is on the front line of the important developments of our time. You deal with issues of great social and economic importance. Being a consultancy company acting independently from producers and suppliers, ECG ensures an optimal solution finding process. As an employee you are not required to have a bias towards a particular energy supplier or a specific technical concept but rather to put your analytical and conceptual skills at use in order to develop the best strategy for the customer.

    2. Join us and progress rapidly
    As an internationally acting consultancy company with approximately 40 employees we combine a lot of expertise and skills in each member of our team. We expect a lot from you as we can offer you a lot.

    • Graduates with a bachelor or master's degree: If, after the successful completion of your academic career you should decide to start your career in our company you will be taken under the wings of our experienced mentors who will give you the opportunity and present you the tools to achieve in a short time a high degree of independence. The volume and importance of responsibilities given to you are directly related to your performance and commitment. Our goal is to give you in a 24 months' time-frame a broad overview of our areas of expertise.
    • Graduates with secondary qualifications (MBA, PhD): Given your qualifications we expect a quick acceptance of responsibility for independently fulfilled tasks. Your contribution to the solution finding process in the framework of consultancy projects is of great importance. Under the constant guidance of your experienced mentors we will lead you specifically to the acceptance of projects involving large degrees of responsibility as well as the efficient development of customer relations.
    • Professionals with work experience: Depending on your experience and previous activities we can offer you a tailored career entry in our team, provided your work experience meets our field of expertise.

    3. Locations merits
    The location in Kehl am Rhein combines logistical advantage with high recreational value. Kehl is the German neighbour city of one of Europe's Capital cities Strasbourg.

    Just a few minutes separate the two cities when using a commuting bus or the new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

    The "Europabahn" drives every half an hour from Kehl Railstation reaching Strasbourg in 13 minutes and Offenburg in 18 minutes where one can find connections to the French and German high speed trains (TGV and ICE).

    For those who appreciate international flair but also the 1.700 sun hours per year, have all options available at our company's location.

  • ECG Services

    Energy procurement strategies

    Europe's liberalised Energy markets permit to choose from a large range of different energy procurement strategies and allow to exercise the free choice of supplier.

    The liberalization of the European energy markets led to the disappearance of regulated energy supply tariffs, competition between suppliers and the development of a broad scope of different energy procurement strategies. Along with these new possibilities, the risks linked to energy procurement increased as the volatility of commodity markets for electricity, natural gas, crude oil, coal or CO2 emissions certificates grew.

    ECG supports your company in finding the energy procurement strategy which is adapted to the specific needs. Our constant presence on the energy markets insures we can offer you up to date knowledge about the market and supplier opportunities.

    • Market monitoring
    • Definition of tailor made energy procurement strategies in line with company requirements and risk appetite
    • Risk management
    • Procurement based on the existing scope of futures and spot market products
    • Pooling of electricity and/or natural gas volumes (see interactive map)
    • Tendering procedures
    • Analysis of supply offers and supply contracts
    • Negotiations with suppliers
    • Validation of supply contracts before signature
    • Procurement of green energy or biogas

  • ECG Services

    Energy Management

    Procurement of electricity, heating or cooling energy from energy suppliers is always in direct competition with self-generation of the energy demand. Especially during the last years, external procurement became more and more cost intensive due to new taxes, contributions, fees and more expensive grid access tariffs. This led to some companies being more competitive when producing their energy themselves. ECG can help you estimate if a self-production is useful and subsequently support your company in finding the right partner to set up the installation if this is needed. Of course we will also provide a detailed cost valuation of the installation.

    The least expensive energy is the one that is not consumed at all – this is generally known. Our qualified efficiency consultants will help you identifying possibilities to save energy in your business and demonstrate economic alternatives.

    Germany, facing pressure from the European Commission to withdraw reduction mechanisms on energy related taxes and charges, obliges companies of the industrial sector to implement Energy Management Systems in accordance with an ISO 50001 management system. In general across Europe, and most probably in light of high energy prices compared to other parts of the world and the general struggle of keeping up with worldwide competition, it can be observed that the interest for energy management systems is constantly increasing. ECG will be happy to support you in implementing an energy management system for your company.

    • Energy Audit
    • Economic analysis of energy producing installations
    • Advice on cogeneration installations
    • Contracting / Outsourcing
    • Energy Management Systems (Supervision, Implementation, Audits, Development of an energy management manual, preparation until the certification)
    • Analysis of heat-recuperation potentials
    • Optimisation of your load profile
    • Information about and application for possible subsidies

  • ECG Services

    Monitoring / Invoice Auditing

    A well-established knowledge of the individual energy demand and the own energy cost situation should be the basis for all considerations aiming at identifying cost reduction potential in the fields of energy management and energy procurement. ECG will provide the service pack that suits best your company's needs in order to help you construct this basis.

    For this purpose, ECG is using an energy specific system as well as an energy data management system and special software for load profile analysis.

    • Applications for specific market monitoring
    • Market Tracker (Applies your procurement formula to given market conditions)
    • Carrying out of procurement activities (Tranche procurement)
    • Control of contractual conditions
    • Reminder of contract cancellation
    • Continuous energy data collection and management (contracts in place, prices, budgets)
    • Invoice auditing (Compliance with contract, right prices, correct rate of taxes and fees)
    • Preparation of reports and energy budget calculations

    The analysis tool myEnergyWeb, is an online platform which consolidates your relevant data concerning energy.

    Through a SSL-secured connexion, myEnergyWeb provides a permanent access to

    • Market data for both electricity and natural gas
    • Your energy supply contracts and metering points
    • Your technical and economic analysis concerning your energy situation
    • A specific glossary with energy and economic terms

    If you are interested or if you need a more specific presentation of myEnergyWeb, do not hesitate to contact our secretariat (+49 7854 9875 0 or info@ecg-kehl.de).


  • ECG Services

    Energy charges

    The final price of energy is more and more determined by grid access costs, taxes, fees and contributions. It is therefore absolutely necessary to monitor the status of each of these price components and to see if there are possibilities to pay less or to be totally exempted from one or more components. ECG is able to provide a full scope analysis in order to identify optimisation potential regarding all energy related charges.

    • Load profile analysis
    • Price benchmark for procurement
    • Special regulations regarding grid access tariffs
    • Special regulations regarding EEG-tax (renewable energy tax)
    • Special regulations for cogeneration
    • Other specific regulations related to energy taxes, fees and contributions

    For the future it can be expected that energy budgets across Europe will be more and more subject to taxes and fees in order to finance the development of renewable energies and meet the climate change targets. ECG can support you in investigating energy concepts which help to reduce the impact of energy related taxes, levies and charges

  • ECG Services

    Carbon Emissions

    ECG is able to analyse and optimise your emissions inventory. We take care of the operational monitoring (target-performance comparison) and provide consultancy regarding strategic decisions (make-or-buy).

    • Analysis if plant has to participate in Emissions Trading System
    • Identification of potentials to reduce CO2 emissions
    • Operation optimization of plants, cogeneration installations and heating stations
    • Application for free emissions certificates
    • Monitoring concepts
    • Emission reports
    • Management of the CO2 portfolio
    • Swap of EUA / CER / ERU

  • ECG Services


    Regional purchasing pools for electricity, natural gas and technical gases are successful models in a deregulated energy market. In cooperation with various associations we support numerous purchasing initiatives throughout Germany and France.

    Your advantage: The bundling of consumption volumes gives you a stronger position in negotiations with the suppliers leading to improved supply conditions.

    How does a purchasing pool work?

    ECG acquires the participants and coordinates all necessary activities related to the organisation of a pool such as data collection and analyses, tendering procedures, offer analyses, contract negotiations or contract design and advices the participating companies in the final selection of their future energy supplier. After having successfully concluded the negotiations, every participant receives a supply contract that is adapted to his individual consumption pattern.

    interactive map of ECG purchasing pools

  • Know how

    Stephanie Walter

    Stephanie Walter
    ECG Energie Consulting GmbH

    Markets & prices - Emission trading

    The European Union wanted to create with the help of European emission trading an economical instrument to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The emerged system offers many chances and possibilities to optimize but also risks.

    Since the implementation of the emission trading in the year 2005 the requirements rose from one trading period to the next. People who couldn’t back out of the emission trading will have to purchase an increasing part of their eligibility by auction to cover their greenhouse gas emissions starting at the third trading period beginning in the year 2013 unless they can profit from an exceptional rule. All companies concerned have already tried to arrange the own allocation optimally which is free of charge for the third trading period. For this reason it is very important to make the right strategic and economic decisions now. The emission trading proposes the following possibilities: emission allowances can be bought and sold, different types of allowances can be traded against each other to profit from price differences, investments can be made to reduce own emissions and many more. All these decisions have to be made under consideration of a constantly changing price of the emission allowances at the stock market. This isn’t an easy task.

    We can help you to make the right strategic and economic decisions und will support you in achieving the requirements due to characteristics of the system and to take care of internal processes for emission trading. Please contact us – we will be happy to hear from you.

  • Know how

    Katharina Tietz

    Katharina Tietz
    ECG Energie Consulting GmbH

    Markets & prices - Coal

    The meaning of coal as the most important fuel for electricity generation continues to grow, especially due to the growing demand in China and India. Black coal and brown coal referred to as coal is the most important resource used for energy production in Germany. As alternatives have to be found in order to replace nuclear power the importance of coal will continuously rise. This trend can already be found in studies concerning gross electricity generation.

    At the moment coal is being used for approximately 40 % of power generation and according to estimations this number will remain stable until 2030 due to the increased use of renewable energies. The advantage of coal is that it is geographically widely distributed and therefore there is no dependence on a small number of countries. More than 70 countries such as USA, Russia, China and India produce coal. Furthermore the estimated coal reserves add up to approximately 1052 billion tons which could last for additional 143 years if the production rate stays the same. In comparison the estimated reserves for crude oil and natural gas will only last for another 53 years or 60 years, respectively.

    The price for coal as well as the price for crude oil have reached their highest price level in 2008 when a ton of coal cost nearly 220 $. In 2009 the coal price was decoupled from the crude oil price, which led to a significant price drop. It now oscillates around 100 $/t and it is assumed that this price level will remain stable.

    In the long term coal will remain a competitive energy source and can be used by the industry for different purposes. Medium-sized companies can for example use coal in brown coal dust firing plants to produce steam. These plants can be amortized quickly due to low commodity prices. However the emission of carbon dioxide and therefore the carbon footprint of the company have to be considered.

    Especially in a world where the emphasis on green energy rises, the combustion of coal is being improved due to the vast amount of carbon dioxide released during combustion. Great importance is given to the CCS technology (Carbon Capture and storage), where carbon dioxide is segregated and grouted into underground geological formations. At the moment this technology is being studied extensively. Neither all potentials nor all risks are determined; an extensive use of this technology cannot be expected before 2020.

  • Know how

    Eric Mignot

    Eric Mignot
    ECG Energie Consulting GmbH

    European Energy market situation

    The energy market liberalisation which has been imposed by the European Commission to the EU 27 member states has led to a certain level of market harmonization which companies being active on a European level can benefit from for their energy procurement. The liberalisation process has been accompanied by large changes in the supplier world where mergers, takeovers and acquisitions have created companies like i.ex. E.on, GDF Suez or Endesa which today are present in all European nations. This offers the possibility to negotiate European wide energy supply contracts generating pooling and transport advantages for the supplier winning such a contract.

    Unfortunately one has to understand that despite more than 10 years of energy market liberalisation in most European countries the national disparities in the energy markets still important severely impacting the possibilities to set up competitive European wide energy supply contracts. Cost effective supply solutions have to include national, sometimes even local supply opportunities.

    The challenge for a European Energy procurement manager is to determine which elements of a procurement strategy can be settled on a national and which ones on a European level in order to generate optimized energy budgets for all involved sites.

    This task becomes even more challenging when a company decides to implement a structured procurement system. The important price volatilities existing for energy commodities force industrial energy consumers to develop, set up and manage risk management systems on a European level. As price developments for electricity and natural gas have become quite comparable from on nation to the other it is likely that such energy management systems will indicate to buy energy in various European nations at the same moment in time.

  • Know how

    Christel Pradillon

    Christel Pradillon
    ECG Energie Consulting GmbH

    Security at all cost?

    In the past years, the energy markets experienced price developments like they never did before. During the summer 2008 a real “price rally” led to record prices of not only crude oil, but also coal, natural gas and electricity prices. This evolution couldn´t be explained by fundamental factors such as supply and demand ratios or tensions in the oil producing countries.

    We know today that the only responsible factor for the energy price explosion were developments on the financial markets with an unprecedented level of speculation on energy products. The bad news about this is: It can happen again at any time!

    How shall large energy consumers deal with such a situation? Is it the right objective to secure energy budgets by establishing supply contracts based on fixed prices, in order to keep a firm calculation basis over one or several years? This approach minimizes maybe the budget risk but can lead to the fact that the buying decision has been made at a wrong moment in time. This is called the market risk which may cause that a company obtains no fair market natural gas or electricity price.

    There are structured procurement solutions in almost all European countries now. These solutions allow the companies to align their budget related “Risk Appetite” with market price developments in a flexible manner. The procurement solutions used for this purpose can vary from a relatively simple tranche procurement system based on forward products, which leads potentially to a fixed price for a supply or budget period, to a Portfolio Management system, which allows the energy consumer to buy all types of energy products ranging from spot products up to seasonal or annual forward products.

    When an energy consumer decides to move away from a fixed price model, he faces the following challenges:

    • Definition of a flexible buying adapted to the company individual budget related risk appetite
    • Benchmarking of submitted flexible procurement solutions and detailed comparison of these solutions
    • Execution of the flexible buying system
    • Monitoring of market price developments and their impacts on the budget situation

  • Testimonials

    On this page, instead of talking about ourselves, we show you some comments from customers that we asked to express their views about us and our work. We were very pleased with the results, because they show that we are on the right track with our way to perform consultancy services: we believe in individual solutions when it comes to energy cost management. In cooperation with our customers, we elaborate these solutions and efficiently put them into practice.

    And how can we support your company?

    BG Kliniken Markus Schepp
    Head of Procurement at BG Kliniken
    „My answer to all energy related questions is ECG. The competence and experience of ECG consultants, especially in the hospital sector, insures safety and cost efficiency at all times."“

    The BG clinics are the medical care facilities of the statutory accident insurance companies in Germany. The eleven BG clinics and two ambulatory facilities are specialised in the acute care and rehabilitation of seriously injured people and those suffering from occupational diseases.

    The energy supply of hospitals is extremely complex, subject to particular cost pressure and must not be exposed to any risks. Since 2017, we have successfully implemented a series of energy and technical projects along these lines with ECG. We self-generate energy on a large number of locations. Further procurement of energy is continuously optimized, and thanks to our clear guidelines, we have reliable control over the multitude of legal obligations and deadlines which need to be respected.

    I appreciate the holistic approach of ECG, which always includes all relevant factors, adapts to the needs and individual situation of the customer and remains pragmatic. I know that in a cooperation with ECG, our energy supply is in the best of hands.

    Wieland-Werke AG Ulrich Altstetter
    Member of the executive board at Wieland-Werke AG, Ulm
    „I've worked with many consultants in the course of my career. I can recommend ECG as a truly excellent company to work with. I do so with pleasure and complete conviction because I'm sure that thanks to ECG we are pursuing the right policy as regards energy issues.“

    Wieland-Werke is an energy-intensive company due to its particular processes. As a result, the issues of energy and energy procurement have a particularly high priority for us, not only for economic reasons but also from the perspective of strategic considerations. We've been cooperating with ECG for more than ten years now. What started as a pilot project to assess the efficiency of our power plant has evolved into a lasting partnership. We see this company as a very competent partner with whom we discuss our energy issues and from whom we receive continuously new impulses. The practical benefits and the success of our cooperation are evidenced by our energy costs, which are very low, both in an absolute sense and in comparison with other companies in the sector.

    GUTEX Claudio Thoma
    Director of Gutex
    „A long term experience is the best consultant for the future.“ ECG persuaded us to meet this guiding principle of our company and is ever since our consultant for all energy related subjects.

    GUTEX has positioned itself as quality leader in the insulation market. For GUTEX sustainability is not just wishful thinking. For the production of ecological fibre insulation boards GUTEX employs wood, a renewable raw material, which is provided exclusively from sawmills of the surrounding Black Forest.

    Amongst other issues ECG advices GUTEX in the procurement of green energy in qualitative and economic aspects. The economic aspect includes operation of risk minimising procurement strategies as well as optimisation of energy related cost such as grid connection fees, taxes and charges. Furthermore ECG supports us through regular analysis in benchmarking an energy related "make" or "buy" decision for our company.

    Südzucker AG Rainer Winge
    Head of Central Procurement at Südzucker AG
    „I recommend ECG to other companies, and I give recommendations only when I'm satisfied.“

    Südzucker is one of the leading companies in the industry of nutrition with its branches sugar, specialities, Crop Energies and fruits. With a production of more than 4 million tons of sugar, the company is market leader in the European sugar market. The production sites are dispersed all over Europe.

    ECG with its comprehensive and varied experiences with international customers is the right partner for Südzucker for all issues related to energy. ECG gives advice for pooling and procurement of electricity and natural gas in Germany, France and Belgium. They also support us with the management of green certificates. Thanks to ECG we've found competitive solutions for covering our energy needs.

    We've been working with ECG since 1998, and over the years we've successfully recommended them to other companies.

    HAUCK-Gruppe Uwe Schmelzing
    Managing Director of the Hauck Group
    „We were looking for someone who is an expert in energy related subjects. That was in 2009 – since then ECG is our reliable partner for all questions regarding energy.“

    The Hauck Group is one of the largest heat treating companies in Europe and employs almost 500 people. We are also one of the leading providers of technical demanding and complex heat treatment procedures. With our wide range of services the Hauck Group is able to offer almost all types of heat treatment procedures (thermal and thermo-chemical).

    In order to achieve the best possible results outside of our core business, we work closely with external specialists. With ECG we have found a partner that we can fully recommend. We are completely satisfied with the individual energy management concept that ECG developed for our company. The cooperation with ECG is of real benefit for us, both in numbers and in practice.

  • Case studies  

    Project Reference 1: Waste heat cooperation system in Riesa - Germany

    Client: Steel mill ESF Elbe Stahlwerk Feralpi GmbH

    Consulting activity: January to June 2011

    The steel mill called Elbe-Stahlwerk Feralpi GmbH will start the operation of a new technical cooling system for its electric arc furnace in January 2013.

    Feralpi Stahl will use the industrial waste heat from the steel production to produce steam, which will be then sold to the "Stadtwerke Riesa. As Goodyears's supplier for several years now, the "Stadtwerke Riesa" plans to provide the Tire Producing Company Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH with this additional steam.

    The cooperation between ESF and the "Stadtwerke Riesa" makes it possible to combine two efficient and sustainable energy production processes: the use of industrial waste heat in the steel mill and the cogeneration at the "Stadtwerke Riesa". But before both companies could come to a cooperation, ECG helped to resolve several complex issues.

    Abwärmekooperation in Riesa/SachsenMr. Giuseppe Pasini, CEO of Feralpi GmbH (left) and Mr. René Röthing, General manager of the "Stadtwerke Riesa, during the contract signature.

    The cogeneration plant of Merzdorf is the biggest electricity production plant of the » Stadtwerke Riesa «. Thanks to the cogeneration concept, it produces electric energy, district heating, and steam. The current production is generated by a gas turbine which is working according to the "Cheng Cycle". The major work of ECG was to measure and clarify the mutual economical reaction between the steam production of the steel mill and the electricity production of the cogeneration plant in Merzdorf.

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  • Case studies  

    Project Reference 2: Cogeneration plant operated by a medium-sized mechanical engineering company

    Client: BCM

    Consulting activity: ongoing since 2009

    Since 2010 the company operates a cogeneration plant on site with an electric capacity of 300 kW. The total investment was around 350.000€

    Blockheizkraftwerk bei mittelständischem Maschinenbau-Unternehmen Blockheizkraftwerk bei mittelständischem Maschinenbau-Unternehmen The cogeneration plant in a container, on site in Siegen – Germany.

    ECG carried out the following major tasks:

    • Creation of the cogeneration concept and general dimensioning of the project.
    • Economic feasibility study of several potential models.
    • Objective recommendations on cogeneration plant producers to contact.
    • Supervision of the start-up of the cogeneration plant and launch of Energy and Cogeneration law related applications.
    • Monitoring of the yearly achieved savings and formalities.

    The achieved cost reduction has led to a payback period of less than 3 years.

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  • s

    Case studies  

    Project Reference 3: Natural Gas Tendering Procedure in Switzerland.

    Client:Utzenstorf Paper

    Consulting activity:since 2009

    The Paper mill in Utzendorf in Switzerland produces high-quality wastepaper. 25% of the Swiss wastepaper production comes alone from Utzendorf Paper. Natural gas is a substantial cost factor for the paper mill as it is used for the production of wastepaper. Especially in the context of the subdued development of market liberalization in Switzerland, the paper mill has to make use of every possibility in order to optimise the natural gas costs. Thanks to the cooperation with ECG, Utzendorf Paper has put a concept in place which by using innovative procurement methods made it possible to achieve more transparency and permitted to include natural gas procurement in the company’s general sourcing strategy..

    Gasausschreibung im Schweizer Erdgasmarkt The Paper Production site in Utzendorf – Switzerland

    Thanks to the fact that a lot of suppliers, also from abroad, have been included in the tendering procedure, the company could successfully implement the concept and achieve transparency leading to cost reductions.

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  • Partners and Associations  

    ECG supports numerous well-known associations in energy policy issues and implements on a partnership bases energy related projects (for example purchasing pools).

    Links to reach our partner associations


    Links to reach our partners


    Memberships of ECG

    • Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater e.V.
    • Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft Einkauf und Logistik e.V.
    • Bundesverband öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Sachverständiger e.V.


    Energy Regulators


    Interesting Energy related links

  • Energie Consulting GmbH

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