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30 years of expertise -
2000 customers in Europe

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More than 2000 customers rely on ECG's expertise in Europe to manage their energy budgets and benefit from a wide range of customized services.

ECG - Your outsourced energy department

The liberalisation of energy markets in Europe generates many opportunities but also a new complexity. To support you in finding the best solutions, ECG’s team of consultants combines creative concepts with in-depth market knowledge.

While pursuing 3 objectives : optimize your energy costs, secure your purchasing risk and negotiate with you the best offers in complete transparency.

30 years of expertise – 2000 customers in Europe, from SMEs to large industrial groups

ECG (Energie Consulting GmbH) is an energy consulting company based in Kehl, Germany and active at European level. We act on behalf of industrial actors, SMEs and public institutions for more than 30 years.

Our global approach and our proven independence and neutrality regarding suppliers allows us to offer you services adapted to your needs. A mutual transfer of knowledges helps us to optimize your energy purchases.

ECG’s energy experts are at your side on all the subjects that concern you: tenders, hedging, energy audits, green energy…

Calls for tenders – Taxation – Energy savings

Your accountant is in charge of your accounts. And who is in charge of your energy balance?

ECG negotiates your supply prices, optimizes your additional costs and prepares your tax files.

You will also anticipate your expenses thanks to our daily monitoring of markets and legislation.

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Your challenges – Our Services

Our holistic approach and our proven independence and neutrality regarding suppliers allows us to offer you services adapted to your needs and a real transfer of knowledge to optimize your purchases.

Smart energy:
Analysis tools at your disposal:

  • Market trackers, market watch for daily monitoring of supply prices
  • Reportings: consumption monitoring and analysis of network access costs
  • Analysis of load profiles

Tenders and purchasing strategies

The electricity and natural gas markets are volatile and require a real purchasing strategy.
For us, the challenge is to secure your bidding process, define a methodology and negotiate the best offers.
ECG digitales Tool EEG-Umlage

Taxation and charges

We can check if you are eligible for exemptions and set up your energy tax records for all your sites or prepare your application procedures.
A real time and cost saving for your administrative department.

Audit and Energy Management System (EMS)

Optimisation of CO2 emissions, request for certificates, energy audits (e. g. implementation of EMS ISO 50001, DIN EN 16247) and training : we help you to better understand these topics and provide you with our expertise to make your decisions.
Energy Price Chart

Procurement Risk Management

We try our best to support you at choosing the right time to buy your energy and fix your price, even if the energy markets are unpredictable.
This is part of the game.

Customer References

Special solutions for original concepts

All companies are faced with their own energy-related questions and concerns. ECG provides customised solutions to meet each company’s specific needs.
If required, we would also be happy to help you to turn these solutions into reality, taking advantage of any available financial and technical measures.

Tailor-made support

Our aim is not to find out which services we can offer you, but which services you actually need.
Purchasing strategies, negotiations, taking into account opportunities and risks at European level: these are demanding areas in which we support public and private market players.
Geraldine Proult

Geraldine Proult

Senior consultant international projects

ECG brings its expertise to European sites, in particular to major groups with international subsidiaries. Involving buyers in their energy optimization is a priority for us.
Guillaume Benali

Guillaume Benali

Senior consultant international projects

For us, energy management in Europe has long been a daily practice. Our experience allows us to optimize energy costs while adapting to new practices such as renewable energies, certifications and risk management .
Eric Mignot

Eric Mignot

Partner and senior consultant international projects

Our strength: to support both SMEs and large groups, individually or in purchasing groups, which consume up to several dozen Gigawatt Hours per year. The strategies are different and the good collaboration with our customers allows us to choose the best one.
Aurore Le Gouez

Aurore Le Gouez

Consultant international projects

Your challenges – Our expertise

Do you have any questions? Call on our team of experts or our back office to answer all your questions and make your own choices: new supplier, certification, energy audit, etc…

We are there for you.

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